DK KONT® - ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

With DK KONT® you can generate highly efficient chlorine dioxide for sustained water treatment safely under controlled conditions and in exactly needed amounts. The system centrepiece is the novel salt mixture dispenser offering numerous possibilities to individualize the chlorine dioxide generation using a menu-driven control unit. By the continuous generation process, DK KONT® makes sure that the required amount of chlorine dioxide is always available. The exact cooperation of the reaction and feed vessels which is coordinated through a permanent measurement of the filling levels guarantees an uninterrupted supply of chlorine dioxide.

Control quite simple

The menu driven control unit makes the operation of the DK KONT® unit completely user-friendly. Reaction temperature, filling levels and reaction time can be controlled simply by pressing a button. Additionally, the control unit enables you to pre-set your individual chlorine dioxide demand. Should the content of chlorine dioxide in the feed vessel fall below the pre-set limit, a new reaction charge will be launched. The control unit indicates also when a new precursor feed batch is due.

DK KONT® CAPS - compact, practical, safe

The solid component is supplied by Dr. Küke GmbH as a practical pre-packed cartridge. The cartridge contains in each case exactly the required amount of the solid. For recharging, simply insert the DK KONT® CAPS and confirm by pressing a button - ready. Of course, a new DK KONT® CAPS can be also inserted after the flushing-in procedure has been completed. In this way, the unit is then already prepared for the new charge that can start automatically.